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A home away from home for fearless female seekers like you.  A sacred, safe place to find solace, strength and inspiration on the road less travelled with smart, heart centered, like - minded women

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WanderWomenClub is a spiritual sangha (or tribe) for women  

Are you feeling disconnected from your authentic self, creativity and femininity. Love travel , learning new things and get lit up by discovery? Want to trade in the cubicle and the commute for a more meaningful life to discover and  live your own passionate purpose and unique path?  Wishing for a healthier you where you can ease suffering and anxiety  and learn practical tools to develop self love, compassion, calmness and get clarity on the whispers of your heart? All in the comfort and community of a sweet non judgmental haven of women who have your back? Yep,  Me too! You are in the right place and the right company. Together we'll gather to explore, connect, learn, share and grow with each other as a global sisterhood. We meet in online sister circlesretreats and Goddess workshops as well as gain inspiration from the incredible women whose stories I share in my podcast

Don't try and become your best self,  by yourself. Come and be loved! 

Hey Beautiful,

My name's Dominique, I'm originally from London and have been globe trotting around  this gorgeous blue and green ball of ours as well as embarking on a  spiritual path for the last five years. You know what? Whilst quitting a career and comfy city lifestyle back home to follow my heart has blessed my life with a whole host of beauty, enchantment and extraordinary adventure I really wasn't ready for how challenging change can be - not to mention that it's more than a little lonely on the road less travelled! ...Whether you want to eat, pray, love your way around the world or just need to connect back to your heart in the comfort of your own home... you don't need to do this alone. I created WanderWomenClub for all of us. You are very welcome here. 

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goddess workshops

As someone who worked in property, railways and finally football my feminine energy and I were truly disconnected!  Until  I discovered how embracing the divine feminine through mystical dance, sacred ceremony, rituals and the energies of the goddesses can help transform and enliven thoseaspects of beauty, love, transformation and sensuality already alive and present in ourselves. Find out more about my Dance of the Divine Experiences for Women and read what happy ladies say about it here.

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 Whether you're a conscious woman  or just feeling a bit "blah" about how to bring more happiness into your life... sooner or later change is on the cards and it's a sad truth that old friends and family might be confused or just plain old condescending about the new you. There is an innate wisdom present in all spiritual traditions as well as the modern world that whenever we transform we need the support of a strong, like minded community around us to succeed.  

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Think of this page as  a map and a compass. We can't always navigate new waters by ourself. Particuarly if we're not even sure where we're going! It helps to hear the stories and discover the tools of those that have charted their own voyage before us. If there's a teacher, self help book community or online course out there that you're considering  - chances are i've heard of it and it's more than likely i've bought it, done it and got the t shirt! 

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the heart's path

What did Steve Jobs and that bleach blonde spiky haired woman from Roxette  have in common? They both implored you to "listen to your heart!"  Whether you're Christian, Muslim or occasional Buddish;  "The path of the heart"  is already present, alive and beating in our own bodies. If you feel disconnected from your life,  your intuition, your creativity, femininity and well...your heart. Then it is my privilege to share the simplicity and beauty of these teachings with you.  Welcome Lover!

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Find yourself muttering something rude every time a picture of a woman in white  cross legged on a beach pops up in your feed!? I know I did when I  barely had time to grab a sandwich at my desk let alone jet off for 10 days on a retreat.  It's why i'm creating a series of silent retreats  for women. Three days of peace, tranquility and connecting to your heart in the comfort of your own home with teachings that will last a life time.


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Inspirational interviews

WanderWomenClub was less than a month old  when The Discovery Channel called to see if I'd like to interview the legendary rock climber Lynn Hill. I took it as a sign to share the stories of  inspirational women. From leading spiritual teacher Byron Katie to the Globe Trotting Granny  if you're feeling lost, confused or still trying to figure out what your bliss is before you can follow it!  take heart from listening to the stories of my wonderful WanderWomen. 

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I created WanderWomenClub for all of us! It is FREE to join. When you sign up you'll receive a 7 day Heart Meditation course , as well as a monthly Heart to Heart, a newsletter that's a little drop of beauty, truth and love to light up our days ahead, invitations to the online sister circles, the latest interviews plus information on any silent retreats or goddess workshops coming up online or in the real life world!  

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The Blog

Four years of exotic destinations combining travelling the outer world with musings on the inner journey.  I hit the road in 2012 and have been using travel to push myself to my very limits every since - from learning Kung Fu in rural China to tangoeing in Buenos Aires, scrubbing elephants in Cambodia or volunteering in conscious community. If you were a fan of Eat, Pray, Love then chances are you'll love this blog.  

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Who am I? 

If you'd like to find out more about me and my journey please check out the ABOUT page.

You are very welcome here!