"It is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for a whole and looking for the psychic and soulful kinship one requires..."

I think perhaps it’s a bit of a myth that women gaggle around in hordes offering sweet tea and sympathy to each other while men fight each other to the top. Actually haven’t we become brilliant at trying to do it all ourselves? By ourselves.

We keep home, look after a partner, run the business oh and try and become a yoga bodied, green juice drinking super evolved sexy goddess to boot! But when it comes to finding time for our happiness, listening to our heart and moving beyond the limitations of our old self -  I had to learn the hard way - doing it by ourselves just. doesn’t. work. 

Flourish 'n' Shine

We start to blossom, flourish and shine when we hold space for each other, share with each other, and are seen. By each other.

To heed the siren call of our heart and commit to a journey of learning, love and becoming the fullest expression of our potential in this lifetime takes guts. 

What was done before (our thinking, actions and yes… tribe) got us to where we are today. But it won’t get us to where we need to go…

“Every different level of your life will demand a different you.” - Leonardo DiCaprio.

It can be hard back in the “real world” where friends and family may greet with confusion or fear the new you that is emerging. 

I remember how heart broken I felt when those closest to me openly judged and condemned me for being so selfish as to want to “find myself.”  

Not only do we NOT need to do it by ourselves, it’s incredibly difficult to create real change in our lives and keep ourselves away from the temptations of old patterns, pathways and yes people, that keep us feeling stuck. 

It is my vision to create a sacred, safe container for us to share and support each other as we grow. Join me as I hold (virtual) space for  a  monthly Sister Circle where we gather as a company of women to inspireeach other on our path.  

"Sangha" means Spiritual Community in Pali

(the original language of Buddha) and Sanskrit (the language of the Yogic texts.) An inherent wisdom in both ancient traditions was the need for those on the spiritual path to be surrounded by community. They understood the truth that it is difficult to become who we need to be without a company of like minded, big hearted people around us. 

Sweet Sanctuary

In the same way that  a caterpillar builds herself a cocoon of safety where it can totally disintegrate to transform; we too need to find a safe place where we can melt, reform,  flourish and play with a community of people who can hold safe space and greet our stumblings and spurts of growth with compassion and love. 

It helps to have people a little further down the path than us, those that can carry a torch ahead and show us where the road gets stumbly, others around us to hold out a helping hand - shine back to us just how far we’ve come.  

We long for those who are going to give us the space to stretch into new skin and try out different shapes and sizes as we grow, who are able to see and cheer on who we’re becoming without judging or keeping us trapped behind the filter of who we once were. 

“The bigger the dream, the more important the team.” - Robin Sharma

As humans we’re destined for connection and as women we are born to collaborate rather than compete with each other.  For centuries women have gathered in circles, to share their stories and their wisdom. It is our way of learning and passing onto each other our gifts. There is a sweet and secret sacredness to a room full of women there solely to support each other. I don’t just think its a nice to have , I think access to this compassionate , wise and enlivening environment  is a natural, urgent and much pressed down need in modern day life. 

We crave a coven to come back too! A place where we can breathe,  laugh , cackle and chew the fat like the maidens, whores, crones, mothers, the warriors and the queens that we are.

Come Gather!  Join me  and my sangha of brave hearted women who are committed to exploring themselves and their lives and supporting each other along the way. Come and commit to unearthing a life of beauty, truth, joy, love and yes....FUN! 

Join us.

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