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Goddess of The Healing Heart - Weekend Workshop - Annutara Ashram, Terrace, BC, Canada

Join us for this intensely beautiful journey of the heart and an exploration into our relationship with the divine feminine.  We'll share in a healing space with other women whilst honoring the uniqueness of our individual journey. 

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Using the symbol of the Divine Mother -  the Goddess Tara  - deity of Love and Compassion in both Hinduism Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism as a focal point for the weekend, we'll do a deep dive into the  divinely feminine qualities of love, compassion wisdom and forgiveness already present within ourselves in our own hearts  and waiting to be awoken. In the weekend you will learn  how to: 

  • Discover and instill more magic, sacredness, mystery and beauty into your every day life.
  • Connect to your heart and hear the wisdom of your divinely feminine intuitive self. 
  • Access a deep well of self love, appreciation, acceptance for yourself, increase self worth and develop compassion for yourself and others.
  • Feel more in tune with your body and its natural rhythms and cycles as well as understand your relationship to both the feminine and masculine energies within you. 
  • Find a place of tranquility, joy and inner peace. 

Sample Outline for 1 Day & 2 Day Workshop

Forming a Heart Circle - introduction and share

Discussion and Journalling exercise: What is the Divine Feminine

Guided Heart meditation

Consecration and Intention Setting

Introduction to the Tibetan Goddess Tara, Goddes worship in Tantra.

Holding a Puja ( ancient sacred ritual to the divine feminine - building the yantra, Invoking the Goddess, Learning the Mantras. )

Topic: Our relationship with ourself - Bodies, Beauty and Self Care - Discussion, exercises, journaling

Hridaya Hatha Yoga - Asanas to awaken the heart. 

Heart Meditation


 Heart Connection Meditation

Our relationship with ourself: Introduction to The Work, Byron Katie (building compassion quietening the inner critic.

Sufism Heart Meditation for healing and processing emotional pain.

Topic: Feminine energy/Masculine energy - discussion, journalling, exercises

Connecting with our intuition and receptivity - Breathwork and guided visualization.

Introduction to the practise of Tonglen  - Tibetan Buddhist healing meditation for love and compassion.  

Making a sacred vow

Cacao Ceremony



Day 2

Heart Circle Share and Intention

Invoking the Goddess - Tara invocation and mantras. 

Topic: Healing our relationship to each other - discussion, journalling exercises.

Healing our masculine - Hatha Yoga class and energetic work.

Owning our authentic voice - Discussion, journalling, exercises.

Introduction to Meta meditation - increasing love and compassion for ourselves and others.

Increasing self love - visualization,  meditation and written exercises.

Healing the Mother Wound:  visualizations and guided Archetype meditations.

Topic: Surrender, Trust, Receptivity and Listening.

Guided Heart Meditation

Final Ceremony