Yeah…you read that right!

Wait hang in there. I know that to many spiritual entrepreneurs, coaching, healers, artists - the idea of marketing being sacred or anything other than downright salesy is hard to get your beautiful head around. But please hear me out.

I firmly believe that how we do one thing is how we do everything. And that anything that seems mundane can also be sacred with the right and pure intention behind it. You may not know this but I spent around a decade in London working in a corporate marketing career. I did such random and marvellous feats as launch a train station to HRH the Queen and get London’s top football players to pose in front of a camera - it wasn’t that hard ;) Yet even with all the skills and know how when it came to putting myself “out there” as a spiritual teacher I found it incredibly difficult. Inner obstacles, guilt and a fear of being inauthentic all got in the way.

Deep down, most people that have met me on the road realise that i’m soft, sensitive, gentle and compassionate. I truly love listenging to others and i have a big heart with lots to give. This didn’t go down too well in the cut throat industries of property and football. I had to hide a part of myself. And time and time again I see how my spiritual friends struggle the most with putting themselves out there - what with the whoooole money guilt thing. And you are the ones with the most beautiful gifts to share!

Of course it’s exactly this me that my clients most want to see.

You’re looking for someone who can be curious, honest, gentle and lovingly compassionate with you as you navigate a way to make yourself visible and share your gifts in a way that feels true, clear and aligned.

What if marketing could mean connection, creativity, and sharing in service? Wouldn’t that feel better?

The world is evolving and it’s up to us to re - envision the one we want to create.

Together we’ll let go of the old patriarchal paradigm of selling and marketing as as form of sleazy persuasion tactics and welcome in the fresh new feminine perspective of marketing as flowing, creative and fun. In my new world it’s all about creating connection with the ones you can serve the most and reaching out in empathy and love.

I’m currently offering all the basics of what you need to get your spiritual biz off the ground from coaching on building your personal brand, brand strategy and style guide and writing your website all the way up to logo design and design of your website.

We’ll do all of this underpinned with sacred principles and energy healing practices to remove the stickiness we can feel as spiritual souls selling our wares and I hope it goes without saying it’s all wrapped up in a whole lotta love!

the emPower Hour

Once we’ve connected i’ll do a brand audit and review of your existing website before we speak.

We’ll have a laser coaching session for 60 minutes where I help you get crystal clear on who your customer is, what makes you unique and how to optimise your website for maximum performance.

After our call i’ll write up a list of action items and recommendations that you can get to work on right away to optimise your website and start reaching your customers.

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