Dominique's Dance of the Divine Feminine Workshop.

"I am so deeply grateful that this work is being facilitated with such pure awareness and integrity  surrounding the divine feminine and the range of exercises and the depth of the ceremony were deeply  moving healing and inspirational. I leave with a deep sense of connecting to my physical womb space, my own beauty, that of my sisters and the limitless power of the divine feminine. Fierce and sultry,  nourishing, wild and liberated.

Thank you for holding space for such an experience and for allowing it to be witnessed in the process."   - Cassie - USA

“Loving, energetic, sexual, fun! - a profound and powerful reminder of the sacred feminine that lives within us all. A joyous safe space to connect with body and soul, magical! “ Ali - Canada.

“ It showed me a part of myself I had not taken time to explore i had not taken time to get explore and get to know before.  I’ve discovered an incredible depth in my feminine being that I always rejected until now I felt the power of connecting with sisters and sharing sacred space and i felt a deep connection with my womb space that i never experienced before”  Mette - Denmark. 

“I was really able to let go of so much drama involving my relationship with my mother. I now have room  in my heart for compassion and love towards her.

Plus I am always too intimidated to dance and “you tricked” me into it. Apparently I like to dance!”  Katie - USA. 

“ A beautiful gathering of women connecting to our power, dancing and empowering the wisdom within. “ Nadine - New Zealand

“Very enriching! It was my first time doing a spiritual experience like this it has inspired me to want to do more. I felt really disconnected from my body and within a couple of hours into the workshop I was completely revitalised! I have walked away feeling such a strong connection to my true self with a beautiful gratitude for the power of sisterhood and the magic these circles can bring. Dancing is such a wonderful expression of the self and being supported by inspiring women in a safe circle is so humbling and enriching.” Carly  - Australia. 

“A genuine safe and sacred container for exploring many aspects of the divine feminine,  creative, multifaceted, diverse, a smooth flow between movement, integration sharing and I loved the ceremonies!

All of it has been so beautiful and empowering, thank you for blessing us with your creative and  inspiring manifestation of the Divine Feminine” Neema Star -USA.