Set Your Travel Intention 2015


This travel blog has existed in one form or another since 2012 - varying from chatty travel tips to musings and reflections. But like a landscape seen in a rear view mirror  it started off blurred and distant and has only gradually come into focus. 

Whilst much of our outward travel going forward may involve  exploring the rituals and customs of other cultures - I thought it would be nice to start 2015 with a ritual for myself before hitting the road. 


This isn’t just a travel blog that ticks off a sightseeing bucket list, because the travellers’ quest is never just an outside job. Its a journey that charts the inner voyage as much as the outward path.

So for this year, for myself and this blog as with any great yoga class or daily spiritual practise I thought it would be good to start with an intention.

It is my sincere intention and wish for you, that I create a safe, loving, sacred place where we can explore and share what it means to be women discovering both the inner voyage and our outward path in life - wherever that may take us.


Are you planning some travel in the outer world. Are you lost, looking for a break, time out or  a different perspective. Maybe you’re you planning a trip inward, you’ve repeated another pattern, self sabotaged one last time and are finally ready to let go a limiting pattern or belief. Or perhaps, like me, you intend to do both. Learn about yourself by embarking in a spot of globe trotting. 

Why not take 10 minutes away from the hustle of your day to set an intention for your own journey. 

Create your own sacred space. It doesn’t have to be large or take up too much time away from work or your family commitments although you may have to lock them out of the bedroom for a few minutes!

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Have a notebook by your side and a pen so that you can note any insights that come up.  Light a candle, spray a little of your favourite perfume or cleanse the space with sage or incense and sit comfortably.



Quietly focus on your breath. Listen to your in breath, listen to your out breath. Imagine the in breath coming like a silver stream down through the crown of your head and filling your heart. On the out breath imagine it emanating from your heart in a silver cloud. 

Ask for support, from spirit, your guides, angels or however you see source energy.

Thank them for being with you and assisting you with this, the start of your journey. 

Set an intention for your travel that focuses on an inward goal.

Perhaps you want to develop self confidence, or trust yourself more.

Perhaps you want to rediscover your creativity or improve self discipline. Maybe you’ve decided to follow the heart’s path and understand how to truly love yourself.

Once you have an intention put your hand on the heart and ask yourself the following questions to help understand how you can use the outward world to assist you in your discovery: 

What countries are you most drawn to? 

What cities can best support your development? 

What cultures will help you on your journey.

What classes, activities orretreats can best support you in your developing your intention.

Breathe into your heart into a place of deep listening and your inner wisdom and pay attention to any images, notes, phrases or words that come up. Jot them in the notebook by your side. 

If you’d like to spend more time developing a conscious plan for travel  - provided your email address here and I can send you a free downloadable meditation on how to plan your travel with purpose and accompanying work sheet. 

I’m so delighted to have you here.

This is my travel blog for you. From my heart to yours. 

Connect with me here and join me on the journey?

Dominique X